§2257 Compliance & Legal Statements


§2257 Exemption Statement KIDGASMS INC and its associated businesses does not permit the publication of images depicting individuals under the age of 18. All visual depictions displayed on this Website are exempt from the provision of 18 U.S.C. §§2257, 2257A and/or 28 C.F.R. §75, because:

1) they do not portray conduct as specifically listed in 18 U.S.C §2256 (2)(A) (i) through (iv);
2) they do not portray conduct as specifically listed in 18 U.S.C. §2257A produced after March 19, 2009;
3) they do not portray conduct listed in 18 U.S.C. §2256(2)(A)(v) produced after March 19, 2009;
4) the visual depictions were created prior to July 3, 1995; or,
5) this Company does not act as a “producer” with respect to the dissemination of such exempt images as that term is defined in 28 C.F.R. §75.1(c).
6) images generated through art or CGI are excluded.
7) images shown on site are filtered before being provided to us by Members

Questions or comments regarding this disclosure should be addressed to kidgasms@outlook.com

Terms of Service

I. Acceptance of Terms

The following Terms of Service agreement details the mission of  Sparrows - Modern Childlover Magazine (MBM) and the user agreement for all users of this website. Users are reminded to review this document to be aware of their rights and the general behavior that is expected from all users on this website. By accessing this website you indicate your agreement to the terms stated herein. If you disagree with the content or the terms of this agreement, then do not visit this website. Users that are concerned about the content and legality of this website should read section VI first.

II. Description of Services

Our services are intended to publish media relating to the topic of child love, or for those that are attracted to minors in general. The intent of this service is to provide an open forum to express a range of experiences and ideas related to those with an attraction to minors. In the consequence of exercise of free speech we realize that some may openly take offense to the contents of this site, and if this content troubles you too greatly we advise you to refrain from visiting. We acknowledge that differences of opinion should and do occur as a natural part of dialogue between communities, thus it is our intent to provide a service that is respectful and cognizant of all views concerning the issue of attraction to minors, especially young males. It is therefore our intention to create a magazine that will encourage dialogue between childlove communities throughout the internet, as well as a forum to encourage dialogue with dissenting opinions that are presented in a respectful manner. It is our hope that by creating an open and active dialogue between all spheres of opinion about childlove that we might come to a better understanding of the individual challenges that all human beings face. This website shall not be used to store or otherwise distribute any material deemed illegal in the nation in the United States. For further information or questions, please contact: kidgasms@outlook.com

III. Justification of Services

As the content of this website may be deemed controversial, we wish to provide proper justification and assurance that this website is indeed legal, and has the right to exist under national and international law. Justifications are as follows:
1. This site has no intent or desire to provide access to any illegal material, nor encourage any illegal behavior. Rather our primary intent is to create support between childlove communities and dialogue between childlovers and non-childlovers alike, while providing them a safe haven to obtain material that interests them and dialogue with like-minded people.
2. We are legally permitted to operate under the following amendments and legal rights:  
a. United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: 'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. 
b. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union Article 11: 'Freedom of expression and information: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.' and Article c. Freedom of the arts and sciences: The arts and scientific research shall be free of constraint. Academic freedom shall be respected. 
d. United States Constitution: First Amendment: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.'

IV. Limitations of Service & Prohibited Materials

Our services will not be used to store, distribute, encourage, or provide access to any illegal material, as in accordance with the laws of Canada and the United States. Illegal material shall include any image that is used without the consent of the copyright holder, images or drawings that depict intercourse or a state of obvious arousal, or direct reference to incriminating crimes one has committed or intends to commit. Erotica that is submitted to the magazine may be edited for content. It is not our intent to publish overtly erotic material, however, exceptions and tasteful submissions may be considered. We encourage writers to submit their erotica to online databases that specialize in this genre of publishing.

V. Legal Indemnification

You agree that in using this website that any content published or distributed by it that you will indemnify the creators of including but not limited to: losses, liabilities, damages, fine, or legal fees that may result in connection with: 
1. Your use of this website in any manner. 
2. Content published in the magazine by a user that has violated your intellectual property rights, or that of a third party. 
3. Copyright holders are reminded that the content published in the magazine still remains the property of the users that submitted it, and that all legal obligations are that of the user that submitted the article. We claim no ownership other than the right to publish the article. 
4. Failure to comply with the Terms of Service as stated in this document.

VI. Public Relations

Because of the nature of this website we acknowledge that there may be questions relating to the operation of this website and its content. We wish to address any public or legal concern directly through e-mail, contact ilbstudios@outlook.com. Threatening or verbally abusive e-mails will be ignored. Respectful requests and questions will be answered in the same manner. We will attempt to address all serious interest, and dispel any rumors or concerns you may have.

VII. User Agreement & Rights (For all authors and forum users)

You may not use the services of this website to engage or plan to engage in any illegal activity (See section II). You may not use the services of this website to provide or share illegal material as described in section II. You may not harass, threaten, or use excessively harsh language while using any part of this site. Immediate termination or temporary suspension of your account may result for any actions that are in violation of this agreement. All users of this site have the right to be respected, regardless of their personal beliefs. Common courtesy and decorum is expected among all users. You are not entitled to any warnings for any behavior that is found unacceptable, though we will make our best effort to work with all users to establish a respectful environment where all members can participate. We reserve the right to remove or censor content within reason, and to prevent inflammatory discussions. Comments that include links without any clear reason for the reference to the link will not be allowed, and may result in the removal of the link or deletion of the comment entirely.

a. Ownership of Content for Sparrows Magazine, Forum

You the user agree that by submitting your article and/or images you grant full permission for the use of your content under the pseudonym or heteronym that you specify, and any other identifying information you find important. You grant us full permission to publish your article in a full, abridged, or edited format. If you do not wish your article to be edited for grammar or modified in any manner, then you must specify explicitly in your submission. We reserve the right to refrain from publishing any submission, or to archive the submission to be published at a later date. While the content is submitted through the magazine you are free to publish and distribute your article(s) freely, with regard to the legal consent you give the magazine to publish your content at the time of submission.

b. Removal of Content from Sparrows, Kidgasms, Forum

Content will only be removed by request if the issue has not yet been published, or if a request is submitted within 3 weeks of publish date. All other content cannot be removed, unless the publishing rights have been voided by a preexisting copyright before the article was published. Please submit DMCA requests/complaints to: kidgasms@outlook.com

c. Privacy Policy

The content and private information of users will remain private to the best of our abilities. If user information is copied or removed to a remote location or computer, then it will be encrypted to provide for the safety of registered users in the event that the information is stolen or seized. User information and data shall not contain any personally identifying information, unless users wish to list such information publicly. Records of IP addresses and other usage statistics will remain limited and will be regularly purged to protect the privacy of users; however, we strongly recommend the use of a proxy server if you believe your identity and freedom may be at risk for visiting this website.

d. Notices

Notices may be sent to the e-mail provided on this website for any serious matter that must be addressed.

VIII. Modification of this Document

This document may be modified at any time without notice. However, modifications that relate directly to user privacy and submission of content will be publicly announced on the website, at which time any disagreement to the modification of terms may be made and addressed.

IX. Disclaimers

As a user of this website you agree to the following: 
1. You acknowledge that your choice to use this website is at your sole risk, and you will indemnify the owners of this site for all charges as a result of using this site. While this website is legal in most countries throughout the world, you are responsible to your own jurisdiction and you will not hold claim of liability against the authors or owners of this site. 
2. Content published on this website or distributed by it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owners of this website, or any affiliated parties. Content shall include any article, comment, or artistic work that is included on this website. 
3. You acknowledge that any content downloaded from this site is done at your sole discretion and risk. We are not responsible for any harm to your computer that may result in viewing or downloading content from this website. 


Once your membership is activated, there are no refunds.


We do not provide nude content involving children. We have a dual purpose site that includes boy models and performers that range from 5 to 19. Those under 18 are in restricted modeling and performance sessions where no nudity or sex is involved. The older (18+ child-like) models and performers do appear in mature productions and engage graphically with channel and cam viewers.   

No children are involved in the personal companion service either. At times boy models and performers may age up and choose to start meeting men, but only once they achieve the proper age.   

We ask that in the course of using our website services, that if a private, consensual, non- compensated encounter between one or more of our performers and clients occurs that it adhere to the Age of Consent laws according to the state they are physically meeting in and it is understood that this is being done outside the scope of our company.  SPARROWS absolutely forbids clients and performers from engaging in any act that violates the law. However, we cannot be held responsible for any activities that occur between private parties, which are arranged outside of our allowable activities. We understand that friendships and other relationships form between our performers and members. At times, intimate meetings occur that may be brief, but at times have led to full-blown relationships, sugarboy arrangements, and even marriage. We have no control over such situations that occur outside of our services. We do, however, implore our performers and members to be safe and lawful in engaging in any physical acts, when they meet up. Be aware of the laws in your state or province.       

​ESCORTING Where encounters between clients and performers occur that involves compensation, the performer must be 18 or older. Absolutely no personal encounters, that is real time in-person dates, will be arranged by our company or our partners that involves a client with an underage performer - even when Age of Consent laws would allow it.   

Adult performers, who wish to engage in escorting are required to be represented by our partners. Any date made between a performer and a client that is not booked by that service will result in immediate termination of the escort/performer and the membership of the client.  The escort system is not about providing children for sex. It is about providing escorts that can pass as children or teens. Clients understand they are not securing an actual child, but are engaging in a man/child fantasy event. The service arranges personal time between an escort and a client. What occurs during that time - physical intimacy, sex, spanking, dramatic rape/abduction re-enactments, bondage, discipline, fetish play, roleplaying, drug and/or alcohol use, production of pornography, etc - is the sole responsibility of the escort and client and is not solicited by Sparrows or BoyHustle/BoyEscort.services.    

PARENTAL CONSENT is required of all performers that are under the age of 18. For such performers performing in cam shows or channel streams a parent may be present off camera and can ask us to cut the stream at any point where they feel the child is uncomfortable or may be crossing pre-set boundaries. Underage cam shows are pre-recorded and approved by a parent before broadcast. Editing of the cam shows does occur before it is made available. Channel streams operate with a time delay that allows us to stop the feed, when deemed necessary or when asked to do so by the performer or the parent. Parents are fully aware of the type of content we feature, the restrictions we have on underage performers, and the desires of our members. All of our staff  monitors, the performers, and their parents have a panic button and/or keyword to use to stop a show.   

MEMBER BEHAVIOR is an important aspect of our productions. There are no restrictions with adult performers, but with the underage ones it should be understood that at most it's a tease show. You cannot ask the performer to show you their genitals or buttocks. You cannot make lewd comments in the Live Wire or ask the performer to do anything of a sexual nature. Do not ask the performer for his phone number or email address. You may provide your own but parental/guardian approval must be given for the performer to receive it. Please understand that no parent is going to allow you to have private conversations with their 12-year-old son, but may okay it for a performer that is, for example, sixteen. Our parents are very liberal in their acceptance of intergenerational interaction involving men and boys, but they have established limits in their contracts with us that we comply with completely. As you use the cam/channel system more and more, you will become more familiar with the boundaries of each performer. Our adult performers will get downright lewd with you, but, we're sure you'll agree, that underage performers should not do so. Plus, we promise that their playfulness is a lot more fun than actual graphic displays and communications.  There are boys out there that can be absolute whores, but at Sparrows we want to maintain a sense of innocence and curiosity. Most performances, except for dance routines, are "above the waist".   

For security purposes, the locations and addresses of the underage performers will not be made available to anyone. Members love sending their favorite boys gifts and the boys love receiving them. Therefore we have a forwarding system for physical gifts. We receive and forward on to the boy. Gift cards can be sent to email addresses maintained by the performer.  Any gift that may be deemed adult in nature, for instance underwear or adult toys must be pre-approved by a parent. For those wanting to see a certain boy wear costumes, such as a little league or scout uniform, we will arrange for the performer to receive them. Articles of clothing and such sent by a performer to a member must abide by the same forwarding policies.